All at once his skin felt like it was crawling, synthetic or not. Making everything about himself as usual, but it really was all about Elec wasn’t it? He looked so fucking pleased with himself—this wasn’t how Cut was expecting to find him.

Maker, was his chassis compressing in on itself or what? He could just scream and yell for hours.

But instead he had to ask, “You’re not mad at me…?” Unintentionally his voice squeaked. 

All of that anxiety and anger and paranoia felt like it lifted—just a little—now that he finally got to see him. And Cut absolutely hated himself for it. Even he knew it was selfish and shallow of him. Even if he got nowhere with the other bot, he absolutely wanted to see him to stop his own paranoia. See him with his own eyes and hear his voice again.

"I needed to see you," he half blurted, half mumbled while trying to loosen his sleeves and collar.

Needed to see him?

Elec’s eyes widened a bit further, surprised when Cut didn’t go for his wordless invitation for him to join him at the table. So be it.

”.. I was upset, yes,” He answered thoughtfully. “But that’s all water under the bridge now. We’re here to have a nice time tonight.” Something Light hadn’t wanted to supply for them on this very special holiday. “It’s really something, the result of our fellow robots’ hard work.” And with that Elec set down his glass and stood, stepping away from his chair. “Why don’t we take a walk?”

flashistheman sent: sorry, this isn't what you think it is.





The little Lightbot stopped right in place. It was at the very nanosecond the recievers in his caps even picked up sound. It was the same smooth, confident voice that had agitated Cut for years on end. Yet, in an uncharacteristic fashion, he turned cautiously. Suddenly he couldn’t help but feel even smaller than usual in Elec’s presence.

It felt painful making eye contact. 

 ”You…” Something about just looking at him would send the lumberbot’s circuits afire. It was a little easier to ignore it or argue his way out of it with how infrequent Elec visited home, but now there was none of that. 

"…You look different without your glasses." That was it? That was the first thing he could croak out? It was. He didnt even notice Elec until he called him. ‘Nice going Doofus,’ his thoughts echoed. 

For some reason, the taller bot didn’t seem angry at him. Cut didn’t even seem all that angry on the outside. It was just



His stupid three piece grey suit felt 100 degrees.

Looking into the glass after his first sip, Elec deemed the wine as decent enough to continue drinking.

If there was one thing that the two of them could agree on, it was that seeing each other was pretty surreal. It felt weird to just be looking at Cut standing there after how long it’d been since they’d last seen one another, and doubly so considering the situation.

"Do I?" Elec asked, his voice tight but still cordial as he gestured with his glass, as well as a tilt of his chin toward the chair across from himself. "I forgot to take them with me the last time I was in Monsteropolis." And it was a shame too, he liked them, but then again since he’d been staying at the fortress he hadn’t had any real reason to bother wearing anything other than his armor and helmet, which felt nostalgic and pleasant.

"You wanted to talk to me, I take it." Even he would have considered that last statement of his to be on the smug side, if he weren’t absolutely certain that it was true.



The lights hanging above were beyond decorative—giving the evening a mythical air to it. Cut was surprisingly less cranky once he arrived, though he barely spoke a word to Plant at the door. He stayed hidden behind his brothers and trudged behind them. 

The grey suit he was forced into felt way too stuffy, but at least it wasn’t shortsies.

Thank god it wasn’t shortsies.

He wasn’t feeling much better than before, but Rock’s speech from before and his personal talk with Time’s gave him something else to think about.

Mostly just to be honest with himself about why he was so angry. If he and Rock were going to get Elec to come home, he couldn’t be screaming at him tonight. Because it was no use lying—he absolutely wanted to see Elec again.

This would have been just a little easier on the small bot had it been just one problem and not several. At least three. 

1. Get Elec to come home. The fortress was dangerous and he was just going to get hurt.
2. Find out if Elec ever forgave him. Or at least didn’t hate him. 

3. ………..

If he was going to find him, he’d have to do it himself. He was sick of standing around waiting for him all the time. ”It’s not fair,” he grumbled quietly to himself as he wandered away from the Lightbots.

There was something heavy resting on his chest, something Cut wanted to tell him at some point before any of this happened. And now it couldn’t have been worse timing. It would probably have to wait until they got Elec home.

They were, without a doubt, bringing Elec home.

It was possible that Cut might have walked by Elec Man several times before actually noticing him, as the electric robot was blending in with his setting in his modest black suit. It was unostentatious, but it fit him perfectly so he still looked quite handsome… yet strange without his yellow framed glasses he was usually wearing. Those had been left sitting on his bedside table back at Light’s residence, probably starting to gather dust by then, if he had to guess.

Having no luck in finding his date just yet, Elec was seated at one of the many elegant looking tables with a half-glass of wine. He didn’t really care for the taste of alcohol, never having much experience with drinking, but he was willing to at least try looking the part as he admired the world around himself, the sun hanging low on the horizon, and the breeze blowing gently.

Finally noticing the orange haired DLN, Elec turned in his seat to face him, smiling calmly, clearly in a mood of high confidence.

"Looking for someone?" He asked, taking some sort of a hesitant half sip of his drink, experimentally letting the liquid touch his mouth it to see if he’d like it (which was not at ALL a childish sort of gesture, no).


Yeah. As long as you’re alright with my still spending time with my linemate. Not like I can’t be that organized and speedy. It’s one of my specialties.

In that case, I suppose you won’t mind if I spend time mingling with others as well. It’ll be nice getting to know you a little better.


I was planning on going with one of my linemates.

But if you genuinely want to go with me, it might be a good opportunity to get to know each other? I guess? I’m supposed to be getting used to you after all. And I appreciate honesty, so.

Well, if you can trust me to be anything, it’s honest. So, is that a yes then?



So is that a yes?

Why do you want us to go together?

Well, at first, you kept pointing out over and over that I had no one to go with, and you were right. But, you don’t have anyone to go with either, and I thought that if we went together, it would be nice. Even if our relationship isn’t great, we still have one.

If you’d have me, that is.


Well, if you are available, I wanted to ask if you and I could go together.

Seriously? I mean if you’re asking, that’d be only good of me, right?

So is that a yes?


elecman said: Do you have some kind of a problem with me, Bomb?

Aw naaaw, naaaaawww,

A’m so HAPPY for you, I hope yall’re havin’ as much’ve a blast with my hopes ‘n dreams as I ain’t got to.

Oh, please. Act your age not your serial number, Bomb. Do you really think I intend to just leave you all there forever? You’ll see, after this party blows over… I’ve been working on a few things. 

Shadow does not know how to fix a computer


Blues powering down whenever he was out of range of the servers? Interesting. To Shadow, this was beginning to sound like a weird riddle. Unbeknownst to Forte, the ninja DWN was feeling just as stumped as those who were usually on the receiving end of his typically and intentionally cryptic answers.

Yes, he had told Forte to ‘rest assured’ because he was going to ‘take care of the matter at once’, but truthfully the ninja had no idea what to do. Should he visit the home of Thomas Light to demand the doctor attend to the matter himself? He’d never been programmed to be a very tech-savy sort of robot, so no ideas as to how to remedy the situation himself were springing to mind, but at the same time he couldn’t help but think that violence was probably not the answer he was looking for.

Deciding that it’d be much faster if he just approached someone who DID know how to fix such a thing, he vanished into the nearest stretch of inky darkness, reappearing just outside of Flash’s lab. Surely, if anyone would be able to help, it would be him; one of Wily’s more competent (albeit disrespectful) sons.

Shadow knocked once – twice, quietly waiting before he was met with a response, though it was not the man he’d been expecting to see.

"I require Flash Man’s assistance with a matter most pertinent," He announced. "I would do it myself, however I lack the knowledge to be of help currently. I apologize for any inconveniences I may cause." Shadow finished, giving a slight bow to the unimpressed DLN staring back at him.

"Flash, your booty call is here." Elec called sardonically over his shoulder to the DWN before disappearing out of view.