Operation Fortress Infiltration Continues


imageRock leant back on Rush’s shoulder as the dog sat up behind him, sighing as he watched Punk go down. He knew a power-out was a pretty merciful way to incapacitate the Wilybot, but Rock couldn’t help but feel generally bad about any robot purposed specifically for hating and eliminating the blue boy. It made him feel responsible, in a helpless, self-blaming sort of way. Still, it was good to have Elec here and unharmed— especially with the monumental help he offered just now.

"It’s okay, thanks Elec… Yeah, let’s get going. Forte could be on us any second now."imageHe reached out and took hold of his linemate’s offering hand, gladly accepting the help back up to his feet. “You look so worn out, but everybody’s gonna be so happy to see you safe and sound..!”

"Can’t wait." Elec agreed, sounding relieved as he hauled Rock up onto his feet and into a bracing hug. It was unlike him to do something like that, it was special. Elec was a stoic guy, prideful. It took a true act of kindness to move him to such extremes. "Thank you for coming to rescue me." he murmured, the hug starting to go on a little too long.

"Don’t come back." he added- it was the last thing Rockman heard before he too was met with a fate similar to Punk’s, thousands of volts of electricity coursing through the both of them. Elec finally let go when he was sure Rock was dead, letting his linemate’s now-charred and smouldering body fall to the underbrush of the island jungle.

"You can come out now." he called to Crash, Flash, and perhaps even Forte, whose signature had been lurking nearby for some time now. "He’s gone, you cowards. Just because he likes to face robot masters one on one doesn’t mean WE have to. Maker."

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Operation Fortress Infiltration Continues



image"—Uh!?" Rock and Rush’s reactions were the same to the sudden boot-shove from the impatient powerbot. They hit the ground, and from the ground could only look on as Elec displayed his utter lack of tolerance for Punk’s followup assault.

image “..Whoa..”

See Punk hadn’t been expecting Rock’s teammate to like, you know, straight up kick Rock outta his damn way. That threw him off guard and was pretty fuckin’ funny. What happened next, once his screwcrushers were zapped into smoking shreds in midair, not so much.

Just in time to think ‘how the fuck do you DODGE ELECTRICITY' and then make a very admirable attempt at carrying the thought out, Punk instantly shorts out with an abrupt sort of screech that could have come from either his mouth or whatever just short circuited and popped inside of him. It hurt like a bitch and that's about the last thing he's aware of before he clunks uselessly to the sand, visor blank and the rest of him motionless. 

At least it shut him up.

Elec said nothing as he watched Punk clunk over, powered down within seconds. He warily looked around before lowering his arm, his shoulders seeming to sag a little, his stance no longer on the defense. “He’ll be fine, sorry about that Rock.” he apologized, sighing. “At least he went down easy.” he extended a hand to Rock to help him up, still looking tired and clearly worried about someone else was going to leap out of the bushes. “Let’s go home.”

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Operation Fortress Infiltration Continues



image"Elec!?" Rock and Rush both turn their attention to the seemingly wearied linemate, Rock easing back off of the handlebars to sit upright as he looks over at his brother.

"You’re okay!! Thank goodness, everyone back home’s so scared for you! C’mon, forget about Punk, the fighting can stop now! Let’s get out of here while the getting’s good!"

Looking Elec over a moment longer, something occurs to the number-one son. “.. Who cleaned you up, Elec? Last I got to see of you, you were a shredded mess…”

"What fresh fuck is this?!" The red bot screeches, still working on recovering from being run over by the fucking Plutocycle. Elec is out of Punk’s reach before he can register that another goddamn Light Bot had wormed its way onto the island, let alone do anything about it. 

It looks like he’s just staring stupidly at them for a second. And he kind of is, but at the same time he’s running over his specs real quick to see what his resistance to electric attacks was. Minimal. Electric Shock was this guy’s thing, right? Of course it was.


He blasts at Bass, who was still dicking around in the jungle behind the Douchebag Duo. Maybe if he fired another volley at them he’d hit him. He looks between the two of them for a second and can’t come up with anything better than to dash away from Elec, putting Rock between them and firing as he closes in.

Elec wrinkled his nose at Rock while ignoring Punk’s freak out. “I believe the plan was to put me in their debt by repairing me. They apparently thought I was ‘three laws’ away from joining their side… because they’re that deluded.” he explained, voice tense with barely controlled anger and his words dripping with pure disgust. His expression shifted though, and Rock could see just how tired Elec looked. “Just- can we go home already?” he asked as Punk’s tantrum reached a fever pitch and he fired some lame projectile at them. Without missing a beat, Elec’s boot connected at Rock’s hip and gave him a mighty shove out of the way of the blades, his arm coming around and firing off a Thunder Beam at the RKN.

Punk was certainly in for a nasty shock.

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Operation Fortress Infiltration Continues


imageRock returned to his feet in the time Rush had run Punk over, and when the RKN lashed back with another spread of Screw Crushers at both the DLN and his dog, each slid out of the way of the attacks— towards one another in a semi-circular parameter around Punk. More than their helmet designs were in synchronization— the two move with minimal apparent communication, when united on the battlefield, Rock and Rush are as one.

imageMeeting in front of the scuffed, spiky slaughterbot, Rock mounts the seat on Rush’s back, taking hold of the handles on the dogbot’s helmet and revving the engines. “You’re not stopping us, Punk! Outta the way!”

With how cowardly the both of them had been acting mere moments before, Elec had certainly not been expecting to look over his shoulder and see the two DWNs following behind him as he headed out to meet Rock head on. Whether it was to go after the intruder themselves, or just to monitor him, he didn’t know or care now that he’d had his weapons re-activated. The journey through the fortress wasn’t nearly as burdensome as he’d remembered; the stronghold was riddled with shortcuts and bypasses, if you knew just where to look for them. Finding Megaman was similarly easy, though getting through the dense underbrush of the forest was not.

"ROCK!" A voice called, temporarily breaking the tension between Punk and the blue bomber. Crashing inelegantly through the forest, Elec emerged, looking harried. While not outwardly damaged, his expression was certainly stressed, though it was understandable considering he’d been kidnapped hours previous. “Get away from him!” Elec shouted at Punk, raising an electrified arm at the RKN, taking his place at Rock’s side. Much closer now, the other DLN could see Elec was looking pretty rough around the edges, even his posture looked tired.

Nearby, Crash and Flash waited in the wings, ready for whatever may come. It was the ultimate test, was Elec really on their side?

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TMI Tuesday

Elec Man

Clown Man

Jewel Man

Nitro Man


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Arms Race



"Yes." Flash says simply. "Explore, check it out. We made up a room for you in the 2nd gen living hall….its not huge or anything. But it has your number on the door and can be yours all you want. You are free to do, even back to Light if you want." He says, casually. "You looked…..lonely, so we thought we would help a little. Our rivalry, that is ancient news, both our creators are aging faster then we can keep up. Soon….we’ll be alone." Flash rubs the back of his neck. 

"What we do to survive is our most important step. Survive in a world where Robot Masters are seen as nothing more then walking tools." He was going to say more but the whole Fortress shook suddenly, and alarms start to pop up on the many monitors around Flashs’ lab. "What.." He turns, his vision filled with a million messages and reports from every minor robot on the island, making him freeze up a little to lend over some processing power. 

He finally snaps out of it and turns to face Crash and Elec, his eyes wide. “Rockman is here on the Island. Forte has engaged him!” He hisses. “No wait….Roll is too, and FireMan!” He looks at Crash. “How did they find the Fortress?” This place was hidden from radar, a blank spot floating in international waters. 


"Oh maker he’s messaging me." Crash gasped in surprise before his expression turned angry. "He called us slimebuckets, what a little shit! Why doesn’t he get you’re here because you want to be? Why are the things you want second to the things he wants?” he asked Elec in sympathetic exasperation, further reinforcing the idea for the former DLN. 

>This was Elec’s choice, why can’t you respect that? Maybe that’s why he’s here in the first place, because you DLNs don’t recognise his right to autonomy! 

He shook his head in frustration, disgust clear on his features. 

"He’s threatening action, let’s just evacuate." He sighed, turning away, eyes trained on his HUD as he watched Rock draw ever nearer, wondering how Elec would react… 

Managing to ground himself before he toppled over at the island suddenly tilting, Elec looked rapidly between the many monitors in the labs as they began flashing warning messages. Even inside of his own head, warnings were going off, which was the most surprising of all. The tables in the room had been skewed from the jostle, sending a few tools and things into the floor, but no real damage had been done thankfully. So, Rock Man had arrived… and they wanted to evacuate?

Elec said nothing initially, Crash’s angry rant barely even heard as he drifted, lost in his own thoughts. The only opportunity he’d ever had to fight Rock had been 25 years ago, and yet he could still recall every detail as if it were only yesterday. That’d been the most exhilarating moment of his life by far.

"Flash." Elec snapped, his gaze now sharp. He couldn’t stomach the thought of running away from Dr. Light’s favorite little brown-noser. "Turn my weapons on. Activate my Thunder Beam!" He insists, tone more and more commanding by the second. "I know you might be wary of what I’ll do, but I’m telling you to trust me. Let ME fight Rock Man." He insisted, his fists clenching and unclenching, as if it’d bring the sensation of electricity back to his fingertips. "It’s been too long since I’ve had my chance, let ME fight him. Let me break in these new hands!"

rolling-cutter sent: >...Dammit Elec, why can't you be on to see this? I'm sorry! I'M SORRY, IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!

>I’m right here, what are you are yelling about now?

Arms Race



Flash nodded with Crash. “I hear that a lot. Its not like I changed your personality or anything, just cleared out the walls and locked doors. You are still you, I promise, I wouldn’t mess with your head like that. You are my friend, Elec.” He swears, feeling guilty as hell while Crash weaved a thicker web of lies. 

"So, its going to take an hour or two for your weapons to boot back up. In the mean time why don’t you explore the Fortress? I’ll even gave you a DWN IFF so you wont get accosted as much. I can’t guarantee you won’t get hassled, or molested. Avoid Tengu, Clown, Slash and Metal. I set your IFF to blip your HUD if you pick up their signals, and a GPS map of the fortress." 

Crash listened along, nodding at the appropriate times, listening to Flash’s carefully screened lie. ‘Just changed your laws’ was code for ‘took all your ally flags and reversed them’ as far as he could tell.

"Don’t let him throw you too hard," Crash scolded, "this is your home now, so don’t let them push you around." he soothed, glaring at Flash. While it hopefully seemed like an off-the-cuff interjection, it had actually been carefully worded to activate Elec’s next layer of reprogramming. 

Though he’d at first harassed Flash to just go ahead and make all the changes at once, his brother had raised the point that making the changes happen TOO quickly would risk bricking such an ancient DLN.

If there was one way to effectively keep Elec from prying any further, it was making up something as ludicrous and humiliating as begging for help in front of a crowd of humans. Elec Man, being his vain, prideful self, said nothing on the subject, but his mortified expression said volumes about how he felt at the thought of being seen in such a sorry state.

"You were following me." The DLN said, squinting as though he were scrutinizing everything Crash was showing him. He dismissed it with a hand wave. "I was having a rough patch with the other DLNs, yes— But I wasn’t malfunctioning or anything, I just needed some space." Elec explained. Okay… so it was more like a rough year, but not going home had definitely been attempts at avoiding ‘conversations’ with his brothers. 

Brothers… they weren’t really his brothers though, were they?

Unaware of more code starting to execute in his head, Elec’s familial bonds didn’t feel as strong as they once had. It wasn’t a change, but the memories of it all felt… distant. Like something that had once been vibrant had lost its color.

It really did feel like his home life was nothing but a series of arguments now, even if all he wanted to do was get away from the humans for a while and spend time with his maker before his inevitable passing.

A sudden spike of resentment rose in him sharply, confusing him for a second though that passed as quickly as it came. The other DLNs had been interfering with him for a long time, hadn’t they?

"So I.. Just wander around the.. fortress, then?"

Arms Race



Crash fidgeted some more, looking mostly like he wanted cross his arms but wasn’t able to. He settled for spinning his drills a little before speaking. 

"Well, cause, you know." was his super specific answer. "You asked us to remove your laws so you wouldn’t have to ‘be a slave to your programming’ anymore."

A bit of a lie, but Crash was selling it! Even if Elec hadn’t said it, he’d convinced himself that the DLN had been trying to tell them as best he could, selling his own lie to himself a little. 

"You said you were just sick of it all, so… we took you here and fixed you up, but we didn’t know if we could do what you wanted. That’s all. Not cryptic, just… well…. uncertain. Did it work? We keep asking if you feel better because you were really not in a good place. It was uh…”

How to put it gently…. 


When Elec looked at Flash the 2nd gen shrugs and pulls out an e-cig. Puffing on it as he finishes unplugging Elec completely. “So yeah, thats about it. You’re free to make your own choices now. What you do with that freedom is up to you.” He hoped Crash had an idea on how to get this plan moving because Flash had no idea. 

He doubted Elec would just turn coat so easily, he didn’t program him to hate light or megaman, he simply freed him. Annnnnd erased the memories about his arms, and changed a few protocols here and there. And maybe gently guided him in the direction of possible future uprisings, the audacity of humanity! and all that. Harmless, really. Ignorable, possibly. “Now you can tell those humans to shut the hell up when they don’t like the songs you play on your guitar.” He jokes. 

Undignified?" Elec repeated, trying to keep the incredulity in his tone in check. His lips were twisted into a hateful sneer at the thought of it, but the looks on the faces of the two DWNs were too sincere to be anything but serious. "I asked you to do this…?” Elec asked, rage ebbing away slowly, Flash’s words like he’d been doused with cold water.

He could tell the humans to shut up?
He could tell the humans to shut up…

The more he tried to convince himself that he couldn’t have possibly asked them to do that, the less and less he was able to believe it. After thinking on it for a minute or two, it became overwhelmingly clear that it must have been the case, it had to have been! Really, it made sense, after all, he’d been so restless lately, and it’d always been something he wanted– an escape from the mediocrity of his intended purpose as a tool to the humans – but the one thing he was certain that he’d never have.

This was what he wanted, this is what it meant to be free. Though…

"It hardly feels any different."

Arms Race



Crash perked up once he realised Elec was talking about him and he sheepishly sidled into view, trying not to look like he was gawking. 

"They’re new arms." he confirmed. "But they ARE your spares, Quick was able to get ahold of a pair for you." Crash explained, trying to win his brother some points in Elec’s eyes. "Cut is fine, he’s presumably home, they’re in lockdown because you sent out a distress signal-" 

Crash fidgeted, as though he was struggling with how to word the next thing he wanted to say. “…only Flash and I showed up. You were a mess.”

Flash undid Elecs restraints and unplugged him from AC power, so Elec could sit up and move. “I’m debugging your weapon systems, so that is why they are down right now. They will be back up soon.” He promises. “And Crash is right, you were a mess. Your arms were destroyed, so we saved you from the RPD and brought you to the Fortress for repairs.” He watches Elecs face carefully, his eyes moving to Crashes once in awhile. 

He smirks, showing his sharp teeth a little. “You should be okay? Is everything running smoothly? I changed your fluids too, new joint pads and your dampeners are new too. You should be feeling right as rain, handsome.” He smirks. 

He felt great! Better than great, actually; aside from his weapons systems being offline, everything seemed to be operating at typical post-tuneup efficiency.

"I’m fine," Elec replied flatly, letting the silent ‘but stop trying to distract me by changing the subject’ hang in the air unspoken. He seemed to relax a little when Crash finally gave up trying to stay out of view and his restraints were undone, allowing him to sit up on his own. What was disconcerting was the news that his arms were somehow DESTROYED?

"I appreciate the repairs, really, but what you said still doesn’t really explain anything… is there a reason you two are being so cryptic?" he asked, fixing both of them with a no-nonsense look.